Just another rainy day....

I suppose I will back track a bit, and start with yesterday. I had my second appointment with Dr. Balaskas, the Maternal-Fetal Specialist. My blood pressure was 91/52 (I think that was what she said), baby girls heartbeat was 151 bpm, and she still looks great! The better news, is that there is no change to my cervix. I am still not dilating yet, and that is exactly what we want to hear. While things are going great, he wants to see me again in 2 weeks which of course has me wondering, what is he not telling me.... I have to assume though that really it boils down to the fact that it was during this time frame (I am 24 1/2 weeks) that things started to drastically change with all of my kids. Jonathan I was 2 cm dilated from 25 weeks to his birth, and same went for Evan. Mandie was the only one that I was not dilated at that point, so we are hoping that this pregnancy goes like Mandie's.

As for today, it is indeed another rainy Saturday. We were hoping to go to the Grand Rapids Pagan Pride Day, but with it raining off and on, and me being sick, we aren't all that excited to run out and go play outside in the rain. So, instead we have decided to go do a little shopping for a new desk for Jon, and a new bookshelf for my PTA/School things. We are hoping that this will add some organization to our life. I guess we shall see.

Currently we are on the hunt for a vehicle that will hold our soon to be newest member of the family. Our blazer is just not big enough for our family of 6. So, if you know of a good deal on a van, please let me know!! LOL

For now, I shall say nap time, I need to rest.


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