Summer Fun

As always, when things in our life are going well, I do not update as often. I suppose that is a good thing, we are living and enjoying our life, yet for those who may wonder how is she doing, it isn't so great.  Let's just go on the assumption from here on out, if you don't hear anything about Willow's journey or hospital trips for a while - she is doing GREAT! We are busy living life as best we can. :)

Willow finished kindergarten with flying colors! It is truly amazing when we are being told by teachers and other staff members how wonderful she is, how kind she is, and then how smart she is. I don't really like to brag about how bright a kid is, because well; we all have our gifts and shortfalls, and while raising five kids I have learned to not talk about that too much (though all of my kiddos really are great, smart kiddos)... But for Willow, to be told she is smart and reading above grade level, and really good in math, is AMAZING! To remind you why, when we were told about her hydrocephalus we were told she had no brain, and that the extra fluid was there to keep her skull from caving in. To love her as she is, and not expect much..... 

So, yeah, we celebrate a lot of the mundane with her. I will tell you, she has a brain. Once the shunt was placed at four months, the fluid left her head and her brain fluffed right out from her skull. So, sorry if it seems like a brag; its more of an amazement of what she can do. 

Once school was done, she started swim lessons. I am really glad she took those, and also once again amazed at all she can do. We were swimming with friends and while doing her front flips, she learned how to do a hand stand, and a back flip. This girl loves to flip and jump and spin no matter where she is at! We have kept a low key summer here honestly, which is kind of nice. Our big plans all happen in August, so we are keeping ourselves local this summer. 

We took a half day bus adventure, where we ride the city bus to a place in town (our first stop was downtown), and explore! The kids and I had a blast. We are all looking forward to our next full day bus adventure to happen soon. 

Willow is also now an author in her own right! She has written a book, had her brother illustrate it, and then a friend of ours helped with cover design and layout and then self published it!! I have a six year old author, and a 14 year old illustrator, published on Amazon (find the book here: Willow's Last Surgery).  We are quite proud of all she is doing. 

So, really I will just let a bunch of pictures and maybe a video or two speak for itself - she is enjoying her summer :) 

love their crazy bond this school year

last day of school

Father's Day Hike/tree climb

This girl loves her pool time

Grateful Raspberries
It was a long day of doing 'fun' stuff ;) 

Start to our bus adventure

Can't say no to froyo! 

Really Willow?! The tree's again?

4th of July parade with Supergirl! 

 And here is Willow and Evan with their book. I really couldn't be more proud of all they have accomplished with this project. Proceeds from the sale of this book are also being donated to the PHF to help FUND A CURE for hydrocephalus.


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