February already?!

Willow is doing incredible!

I looked back at the last post, and realized I left you all in a place of wondering. I guess if you are on my Facebook page the answers were all given, but that wouldn't be fair to others who may not be. I am sorry. Let's go back to when she was having her MRI to see what the deal was with her writing..... It showed nothing new. LOL, oh good ol' Willow, MRI is still unchanged; vents enlarged but are stable. After a short little while, and really working at it, she has been able to get the 8's and 3's written correctly again. She came home so proud of that in late Dec. just before break. :)

We have met with her neurosurgeon after the last MRI as he is retiring this year and starting to fade out on seeing his patients. I was very adamant that we would not just be passed along to whomever, and so made a meeting to see who he thought was best to help Willow. I know he had been trying to hire someone, that he felt would be a good fit for her as well. So, during this meeting Willow was able to give him her gifts for Christmas and I wrote a letter of thanks for all he had done for Willow and how much of an impact he has made, and I thanked him for saving her. Her next appointment in March will be with her new neurosurgeon Dr. Madura, with an MRI first to see if her ventricles are still at that enlarged but stable (so now her new 'normal') state. We are not expecting any surprises, or news at that appointment. More so a chance to meet with the new doctor when she is doing well, so he can see her and start to get to know her. I would expect that he says the next appointment would be a year or two out from then unless of course something brings us in.

The new year so far is going well also. The school year has moved along with no issues for her. She has an occasional headache, but marches right through it. She has recently celebrated the 100th day at school, and Valentine's Day yesterday (see pictures below). Her conference is next week, so I will know how things are going academically for her then. It has been quiet with her thus far and that is nice. 

Now here are the pics from the last few months :)
A trip to the Public Museum

Christmas Outfit

100 day cupcakes for a treat :) 

Cup stacking activity at 100 day

Valentines Collection Box - Shopkins style :) 

Her first Muffins with Mom event :) 

Ride the Rapid trip 

Crazy warm day in January - called for shorts and tee! It was only in the 50's but she loved it!

Snow day from school = fun day in snow! 


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