Start of Kindergarten

Oh how Willow loves to be in school, learning, hanging out with friends, making new one's. Oh the life of a five year old kindergartener!
She started the year off with a little scare in September, an overnight stay in the hospital where we learned that her ventricles have enlarged compared to what they were when she left the hospital in March. She was admitted and stayed overnight under observations, to which showed nothing. Good ol' Willow! The following Thursday, she had another MRI which showed ventricles the same size as the previous Friday scan, so we call this, 'stable with no change' because she is still functioning well with the ventricles enlarged.
October she got her eyes checked where they also looked at her optic nerve and found it was showing signs of increased pressure. So her doctor suggested, strongly, that we move up her Dec. MRI and follow up with neurosurgeon. She was putting in orders for that, but nothing ever happened with that. She did get some pretty cool new glasses though, with bifocals, which she isn't so keen about; but is getting used to them.
Halloween falls in October and we love to go Trick or Treating as a family. Willow's 16 year old brother still dresses up and hangs out with us to trick or treat as well, which as a mom, I think that is pretty cool! It was unseasonably warm this year for us; so much so that our local ice cream shop opened up its doors to the public for one last hurah! We made sure to stop there as well.
November has still brought in some warmer than usual weather for our state, though not shorts and shirt, but warmer than average. With that comes the up and downs of headaches - generally speaking. I can say I know I have suffered some pressure/sinus headaches moreso than normal, which would lead me to believe she is too. Only her pain tolerance is different than ours. Anyway, I digress.
So this month has been interesting as we have seen something come up that we aren't sure what to think of. In kindergarten they work on writing, and she is indeed doing that. But we have noticed her 8's and her 3's are not looking quite right. They seem to lie down on the job so to speak. I mentioned it to her teacher who said she has been doing it for a week or two and she too had wanted to mention it to me. So, I called the docs to see what they thought, and that will bring us to Wednesday. November 30, 2016 - a day of tests.
Please keep Willow in your prayers, she will have an MRI, then an eye exam to check on her optic nerve again, followed by a visit to her neurosurgeon to place the shunt back on the proper setting, and go over results of earlier MRI.  We will be quite busy that morning. None of those appointments alone (or really put together) are scary, invasive, etc. But the outcome, the unknown of what may be found, or where this may lead is unnerving. I am looking at my sweet little Willow and I see a great, super happy, smiley, ray of sunshine. I know that there could be a surgery where all of that could change. It is just how it goes with hydrocephalus. So many unknowns.
As adults we don't do well with unknown's. We want to be in control of so much so we can feel safe. The funny thing is, Willow is teaching me so much about life! Did you know that she isn't worried a bit about her trip to the doctor on Wednesday?! Well, she is worried about maybe getting a poke (a shot, an iv, anything needle related), but the MRI, the eye exam, the possibility that her shunt isn't working right and will need surgery again?! Doesn't bother her a bit! So I am trying to walk a bit in her shoes, and not worry, and instead see the sunshine as she does. :)
So, I will leave you all with this - she is happy, healthy, loving kindergarten, her school, her teacher, her friends, everything life has to offer! I want you to do the same. If even only for one day. :)
If you are close to us, and know Willow well, you will know that is all she wants for all of us :) Not to worry about Wednesday, (though I still will). But to laugh at silliness and play in the cold, November rain. :)

Someone wanted curly hair! 

This is how you dress in November? Go back and change!! 
Did I mention Willow did a 5k on Thanksgiving?! 
This was after she did the 5k! 
Our little monkey :) 
Oh yeah and she met her favorite radio dj's recently too! 
Halloween 2016 (left to right) Mummy, Monster, Pokemon Trainer, Gryffindor student, Ravenclaw student
Dear tooth fairy.... 

She loves a beautiful sunrise :)


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