Preschool has ended

Willow's last day of preschool was yesterday.  She did a great job this year and has grown up so much this past school year. Yesterday was not only the last day of preschool for her, but also the last day of receiving any services.  She has gone through occupational therapy and 'graduated' rather quickly; physical therapy took longer, but once she was walking we only needed a few more visits after that. I think she was done and 'graduated' from physical therapy around 18 months of age, which is really when we started a lot of speech therapy at home.  I will say that after YEARS of services, saying good bye to the good ones is so hard. These special people become like a second family, and you don't ever forget there names.  We have had an incredible team of people help us get Willow to where she is now.
It is so hard to wrap my head around the idea that Willow has graduated from all services and will be starting kindergarten next year with only a 504 health plan; she will not need an IEP as I had figured she would.  This girl has proven that while doctors are great at science based knowledge, and their job - they know not what can actually be done when one has faith.  


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