What fun

So, it has been 8 days in the hospital. Sort of. Willow was admitted March 3-5 for enlarged ventricles, but told instead it was flu. Yes, she has the flu, but it was not the only issue. Then we were admitted again the 7th-8th with surgery to revise the shunt on the 7th. Then guess what friends? We went back in on Wednesday the 9th to have surgery again that night where an entire new shunt system was placed. :( Willow is still admitted, and under great care. This morning the PA with neurosurgery found her incision to be leaking, which caused concern for a possible surgery. Not sure what came of that today as I took a 3 hour break from the hospital and daddy stayed with Willow; but it seems we are going to do another ultrasound tomorrow and see what it shows and make decisions from there. The leaking has also stopped from the incision as far as I can tell. So over the last 8 days, only 1 1/2 of them were spent at home.
It is taking its toll on my mental strength, the kids at home, Jon's work projects, Willow's poor body and just everybody is exhausted. We are very thankful for the meals being delivered to our house for the kids and Jon. Willow and I love when visitors show up and surprise us :) Many people have asked how they can help, and it was during a talk with my friend that as she was asking questions to better understand why shunts can't do certain things, I said, well, its why I hold our walk. This is why I raise awareness, and money for research... So, if you would like to help in some way and don't know how... Please make a donation to our walk this year and help us raise funds for better shunts, more research is definitely needed. Just click here

While you are there, sign up to walk with us :) It will be great to see her supporters there :)
This was her just before our most recent admission


Amber Rodriguez said…
There are no words to explain my love for your family!!! My heart has been so heavy since all of this has came about. I pray everyday several times a day for healing and recovery for our happy bubbly willow, for your strenght to get through this, and for your family to have some relief(peace)! I dont know how you have been able to be the amazing woman you are everyday...I only know i definitely admire that about you!! I love you...stay strong!

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