Willow understands

So this last Tuesday evening Jon and I were invited to attend a lecture in Detroit about the Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network, and current research being done. Long story short, it was a GREAT event that I feel truly blessed to have been able to attend. But what was funny about all of this, is that I was explaining the event to my brother, and told him that while speaking to a neurosurgeon there, he seemed to recognize Willow's name.  So, I mentioned her blog, the PHF, and he says that he thinks that must be it. Yet Willow then perks up in the back seat and says, 'Wait! Mom, you have a blog on me?' Then she goes on to ask what is a blog, is it like the tv show Dog with a blog? And what is it all about?

I laughed a bit, and explained that her blog a story of her life. Her journey with hydrocephalus, which means I will talk about her surgeries, I tell people about all the good things she can do. How even though she has a shunt, she can do all kinds of amazing things that others can do as well, and some awesome things that others can't do! She then asked if I put up pictures of her too on the blog? I told her the truth and said yes, I do put up pictures of her doing cool things. She then said 'good, lets take more pictures this weekend of me doing cool things'. LOL  She is just so awesome. :)

I don't have any great pictures of her from this weekend, as we were crazy busy today; but I do have some to share.
Eating candy in the leaves :) 

Showing brother how to jump and play in the leaves. 

A beautiful daisy blooming in November :) 


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