Where is my baby?

Willow will be 4 1/2 next month. She is still young and will always be my baby girl - but today I let her go with her friend to Skyzone.  Now this is the third outing with this friend she has taken (a walk to the park, the zoo and then today's trip).  Today I caught some flack for sending Willow to a place like Skyzone and not 'thinking this through'. First I did think it through.
I told Willow I did not think it was a wise idea; but then I started to think some more. Why was it not a wise idea? It was toddler time there, so she was not going to be around bigger children who may be more aggressive. Plus she has jumped in bounce houses and trampolines at friends houses just fine. At what point do we let her just live? I thought we were doing just that; until today. Not only did I question her trip there - but so did her dad (and boy did I catch some flack at first).  That was when I realized we weren't really allowing her to be a little girl - we were still wanting her to be in a bubble of safety.  We have good reason mind you, 12 brain surgeries is no joke.  Yet she has been surgery free for 3 years now and we should be celebrating that and allowing her to live.

When Amanda was her age, she was already in a regular preschool class with all kinds of friends hanging out at her BFF's house all the time and having sleep overs. Yup, Amanda got to sleep over at a friends house in preschool; but we are afraid to let Willow do it.  We keep coming up with excuses and Willow is slowly challenging them in her own little way.  It really is hard to let your baby girl grow up, but I think it is even a bit more of a challenge when your baby girl has a medical condition that leaves you in a gray cloud every day.

Today is the day I realized that my baby girl is growing up and I am not happy about that. :/

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