What a strange word this is: shunt-a-versary, shuntaversary... Yeah well, it's a funny word that means it is the anniversary of Willow's shunt; or the anniversary of her last surgery!  Today, is not only Easter, but the day we remember that 3 years ago, our little girl had her 12th brain surgery. Yes 12. It is a great day of reflection, gratitude, humbleness (if it isn't a word, it is now - I just made it up!), braveness, appreciation, Faithfulness, and so many other feelings that are hard to comprehend and put into words.  We are so thankful for all that Willow has grown to become in her 4 short years and look forward to all that she will be able to do as she continues to grow.

While she is doing well, it is easy for many to forget that she has hydrocephalus, or to think that the shunt has cured her of it.  Let me kindly remind you - there is no cure for this condition.  She will face many other surgeries in her life, and each day she has is a blessing to not only her but all who know her as well.  She still struggles with her speech, she still has headaches on these crazy Michigan spring days, (she was a serious brat, and meltdown mode quite a few days this last week), she still has brain loss, and there may be more.  But there are also so many things that she CAN do that we were told she wouldn't be able to.  So, I understand somewhat how one could look at her and say well she is doing great so she must be better, but I also understand that one day I may wake up and she won't if the shunt quit working over night.  I don't dwell on that fact, it is just a fact that we live with knowing, that many do not understand if hydrocephalus is not a part of their every day life.

So with today being her 3rd Shunt-a-versary, I would like to challenge you all to a little giving.
Please either sign up to walk with Willow this August at Riverside Park for the PHF Walk MI 2015 or make a donation ($3.00 since it's her 3rd year surgery free).

Thank you all and Happy Easter!

This was just this last Christmas Day, we never know when we may have to make another trip to ER. 


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