Today is one of those days where I am reminded how grateful I am for all that Willow can do.  We were given a wrong diagnosis after her first MRI when she was 2 months old, and well to keep the story short, were told not to expect much as she didn't have a brain.
Now, my little girl is 4 years old, talking up a storm, walking, running, finally figured out how to jump with 2 feet off the ground, and boy is she learning to be independent!!  I love that she is so great at figuring out how to solve her problems, and that she loves to do things on her own. Now as a mother, there is a flip side to that and yes there are days where I wish she would not do things on her own. LOL  The thing today that just made me smile is she came home from school and I gave her a pizza lunchable to make, and all on her own, she opens the package, cuts (with safety scissors) the sauce package, pours it on her crust, gets a spoon to spread it, eats all but 2 pepperoni's, so each pizza got 1! Then puts cheese on them and decides to take this plate over to the microwave, open it up, put the plate in, push the 30 second button and heat up her pizzas!! Each one of those things done alone by a 4 year old - who supposedly didn't have a brain.  Thank you Lord so much for all the wonderful things that Willow CAN do. We all appreciate it daily.

Willow's newest thing is to take a selfie - enjoy!


Meg said…
I smile every time you post something new that Willow does. She's an amazing little girl!

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