In the eyes.....

When asked how our trip to DC had gone, you will get a couple of different perspectives.  One is mine, another would be Jon's, you would then get the kids perspective, and of course you are sure to ask Willow - "how was DC"?

Here is her point of view:

You see it's quite simple to a three year old, it was good!  She got to see friends she hasn't seen in a while, as well as make some new ones.  

PHF 2014 hydro warriors

She got to go sight seeing, and her favorite? "The big, pointy building" (aka the Washington Monument)

She was able to explore the National Art Museum and saw some pretty cool things there, including a bridal party getting pictures taken in the atrium/cafe area!  She thought she was watching a real live princess that day!

Willow wanted to go to a park while there, but fitting in a visit to a playground/park was a bit tougher to find. So we improvised!

So why do we share all of this with you?  There are a couple of reasons; first is it takes a village to help us get to this trip. Without our village we would not be able to financially make this trip and share our story and importance of more research with congress. So thank you to everyone who has helped our family spread a very important word on hydrocephalus.

While this post shows the fun side of our family taking this trip, there is also a much more serious side to it as well.  Prior to our day sightseeing we spent Friday in meetings and conferences at the Capitol. Today is the first day of September, which means many things to many people. In this house it also holds a greater significance.


What will you be doing this September to raise awareness about hydrocephalus? Don't know much about it?  Then take a few moments to ask some questions, research for yourself something about hydrocephalus, learn about the shunt system.  Anything!! Just learn or teach this month about hydrocephalus and you too are part of the village helping to spread the word. Feeling like you want to do some more? You could check out the fun below and donate:

West family PHF Dual Challenge

Here is the original:

PHF Dual Challenge


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