Weather Changes

I may have mentioned this in the past, but the Michigan weather changes really suck for Willow (sorry I just don't have a better word for it).  I am on a few Facebook boards for people either with hydrocephalus or those who care for a person with it; and it isn't just Willow who faces these challenges when storm fronts, cold fronts, etc. come through; but many people do.  Now these people live all across the country, so I have yet to find a better suited state in which to live in (yes I did think of finding a different state to live in more than once).
Today was more than just a Monday, back to school kind of day.  Today was her being VERY quiet and reserved.  She woke up and said her normal, "it's me Willow", only it didn't hold its normal volume of excitement.  We went into Palmer Elem. to visit with the secretary there and return a book to the principal, and again she was happy to be there and did ask to stay 'a bit longer', but not with the level of excitement we are used to seeing from Willow.  Once home, I let her lay low and watch a little tv, have a snack and creep into her day reminding her of school soon.  She finally told me her head hurt a little and could she have some medicine. There it was, the acknowledgement of her headache.  :(    So, I gave her Tylenol and called the school to warn them that it isn't the best day for Willow but she will be going.  I put her on the bus, and watched as she looked like she was going to cry as the bus pulled away.  Worst feeling ever!  So, if anyone has any ideas on how to make her feel better when the weather sucks, I am open for suggestions.  I hate to see my Willowmina like this.  

This is an older picture of her, but I didn't take one today, but this was the look on her face as the bus pulled away, and I haven't seen it in a very long time. 


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