Restart to Willow's Wishes

Willow has truly enjoyed this week, the wonderful vacation for our family and from school for her.  She has slept in since returning from our travels.  She is definitely over tired most of these days as she won't take a nap during the day with everyone home.  Though on days like today, I really can't blame her, its beautiful outside!

So for my followers, or those of you who just randomly read her blog, you will see some changes up coming. I changed the design (something I do almost with every season, or when I get bored); but more so this is going to go back to Willow's Wishes.  Meaning a story of her, about her, for her.  This is Willow's journey with hydrocephalus and I will take out the family stuff or other news and now put that into my personal blog, Daisypoet... The words behind the life.  What you will see here is news about the Michigan Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation, news about what Willow is now accomplishing, or what she may still be struggling with (though we aren't ones to focus on that, but I want you all to know what that may be too).  I will share stories of the funny things she does and says, all in the name of helping others to understand her and her trials and travels with hydrocephalus.

So Spring Break is about to come to a close (today being Friday and all, the kids go back to school Monday); and what has Willow done this last week? Well, she watched her mommy and daddy renew their wedding vows, and then we all went on a family vacation to Zehnder's Splash Village in Frankenmuth, MI. She went down water slides, and yes went down a small toddler one all on her own!  She ran every time the bucket was going to drop its hundreds of gallons of water down on everyone.  She loved to play in 2' of water and pretend to swim all around everyone.  There was a seesaw there, where she would climb on one side for you to push her up and down... but only a couple of times, and if someone else climbed on the other side you can bet, she is jumping off!
She walked around Bronner's Christmas Village looking for Santa (she didn't realize that this is not the North Pole, or where one would even go looking to find Santa, but she tried so hard she fell asleep before we left there).  She did find the Easter Bunny though, and despite moms best efforts to tell her that it was Santa's best friend, and maybe Santa is napping, she wasn't buying it. LOL
Upon arriving back at home, as I said, she has slept in most days waking whenever she has, with her big beautiful, 'It's me Willow!" cheer. :)  We have had walks around the neighborhood, Nerf Rebelle fights with siblings, and loads of ice cream or Popsicles. Yes folks, its spring time in Michigan.  Today, she even helped me rake the front yard.  So, it has been a very eventful spring break for Willow.  I truly hope all this sunshine does indeed help us all feel rejuvenated once again.

Here are some fun shots from this week:


Willow with her cousins

Zhender's Chicken dinner :) 


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