2 weeks out....

Willow is a big sister!  Well, she has been now for a bit over 2 weeks, but it has been a rough recovery for me so writing blogs has not been on the top of my priority list! LOL  

So, Orion Joseph was born on Sept. 19th at 4:37 pm, weighing in at 8 lbs 3 oz (the second biggest baby in our family) and 20 inches long with a very tiny round head! I will spare the birth story details here, but will share that when he finally decided to make his appearance it was quick!  

Willow loves him to pieces there is no doubt about that, she has called him 'my baby' since she understood there was a baby growing in mommy's belly, and it is still her baby.  Because I am usually  holding him, when she wants to give him oh so much loving attention I don't have too many pictures of the two of them, but I am hoping as he grows and I can trust to put him down around her, I will be getting a lot of them soon. :)  

Other news in Willow's life is that she has a new speech coordinator that comes to our house on Tuesday mornings.  She is so awesome!  She is younger (well younger than me okay), and married without kids yet, but loves them to pieces!  She is great with Willow and really works well with her, and plays and actually will let Willow lead and she will follow.  It is fantastic to see that a speech therapist will work with a toddler in that manner.  Willow loves her too, so that makes the work not seem like work.  There are times where Willow will actually put away a toy to get out the cards that they usually use to 'drill' the words to the kids to make sure they are hearing all the letter sounds.  It is amazing to watch.  Also, on Wednesday's Willow goes to a GRPS school where she gets a speech enhanced classroom setting!  It is strictly for children who need help with articulation, which is where Willow falls currently.  So they are really working on starting sounds, ending sounds and making sure the children hear them well, and there are physical cues to help the kids as well.  The other thing coming up in her life will be of course her third birthday in December (I know a bit ahead of myself huh?? Just follow me here), with that third birthday though she ages out of home visits :(  and will be able to go to a school (not the same one we are at currently), by riding a bus (EEK! she will only be 3), for a 2 day a week, 1/2 day program.  I am kind of excited for her to have this opportunity as well as scared that she is going away already!  

Aside from all of that, here are some photos of Willow recently, and of course photos of her baby: 

walking the big sibs to school

Saturday lounge wear picked by Willow

celebrating Amanda's birthday

Orion chillin

old man face

the awesome way to sleep in the swing

Willow checking out Orion's bibs...


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