A bit sad...

I can not help but feel a bit sad today... Today was to be the day we started our family travels to DC to speak with congress about hydrocephalus and ask our local reps to join the Adult and Pediatric Hydrocephalus Caucus.  So I have decided to put a focus on what can I do from home.  I have sent some emails out, and am looking into fundraisers for the fall, and looking ahead to plan a walk for next year! :) But alas, Jon went to work this morning (as we decided would be best since we aren't going anywhere) and I am home with 4 kids on what is to be a very hot and humid August day.  So despite the sadness that we all feel today in our house - we will try to find something to keep everyone entertained... LOL

Despite all of this news - things in the West household are going well.  I am 34 weeks along as of today.  If I can hold on just 2 more weeks we will be good.  Contractions are still coming along quite frequently, yet not in a time-able fashion (still too inconsistent).  The kids are just about ready for school.  I need to buy 2 more back packs (Amanda and Jonathan), everyone has new hair cuts already, Evan and Amanda have what they need for school uniforms for now (to get them through at least for a bit and then I can go find other stuff later if needed).  Jonathan did not grow this summer so really doesn't need much of anything! LOL Poor kid.

He did have a great summer though at Boy Scout Camp and then Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.  He said it was a lot of work with practice's and technical classes and such but the fun definitely balanced it all out.  I have heard a lot of stories of some definitely great things that happened, and it is awesome to see him becoming more social (he asked a girl to a dance at camp - but don't tell his dad or let Jonathan know I said anything... He will never tell me anything again!!)

Willow is doing well also, we can still see when the weather gets too humid that it bothers her (like yesterday she had taken 2 naps despite getting plenty of sleep lately).  She is also quite excited about baby brother and I am sure will be my best helper (whether needed or not! LOL).  Her speech is also coming along nicely.  We finished out the summer for her therapy in mid July, and we are waiting to get a call from a new worker this September some time.  I am told they will come and re-evaluate her and at that time see what she will need if anything still.  I am also going to ask if she should at least be seen by PT maybe once a month, she still has low, weak muscle tone in some locations (especially her hips) and she still wears braces (albeit small ones almost like inserts) in her shoes to help her feet.  But if no one is following her on these issues, I am afraid they will worsen over time and we will be looking at something bigger in the future versus a small amount of hey lets just make sure she is getting it taken care of now type of thing.

Well I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer... School is just around the corner here in MI (honestly I cannot wait), and while it was odd to register Jonathan yesterday for 8th grade (oh dear high school is a year away).... I am excited for all the new adventures yet to come :)


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