Fourth of July

Well, it was quite the laid back holiday actually.  We had no plans with friends or family, no big BBQ to attend, no beach to get to, no camping to pack for (you get the idea) - well don't get all sorry for us, it was kind of nice; in an odd sort of way.  It was nice in that we didn't have to jet off anywhere, or that we didn't have food to prep for a dish to pass, or make sure that we had all that we need for our ever growing family to go out and enjoy some time out!  But it was indeed a bit odd that we had no plans - we usually have something going on, so in that sense it was 'off'.  Anyway, it ended up being a great day!

The kids played around the house, or on the computer for the morning,while I gave the morning to Jon in order to kind of catch up on some homework.  He was not notified that his government class had indeed started on Monday and when I mentioned it to him Thursday morning if he had homework in that class, he checked and wow - was a bit behind.  So we gave him until 3 to do homework (nice of me huh?! LOL) then we took the kids to Riverside, where Willow found herself a little 'beach' to play in.  It appears that they (probably GR Parks/Rec) have brought in sand to help with the erosion from our most recent flood, so there are miniature 'beaches' throughout the park now.  So we played there and on the playground for an hour, before it was time for me to run some errands to gather a few last minute details for our own personal BBQ dinner.

After all that fun that was had, we packed up and headed downtown to set up our spot for fireworks. We decided on the Pearl Street Bridge since our usual spot was closed (the Blue Bridge), and I wanted to be close enough to the park in case of snacks, or bathroom emergencies (more so thinking of myself than the kids here - don't forget I am quite pregnant these days!!) We got there around 7 or 7:30 pm, and the police were just closing off the bridge to cars so as far as I am concerned it was perfect timing!! We picked our spot and then let the games begin! The kids brought cards to keep them entertained, and well since we were close enough to the park, a walk was in order to scope out snacks.  You guessed it friends we found the elephant ears!! Oh I know they are not good for you at all, but boy are they delicious! So after a short walk, some elephant ears, cotton candy, and 3 bowls of ice cream we headed back to where Jon and Jonathan stayed watching our stuff on the bridge.  It wasn't too much after snacks that we had to wait for the show to begin.

Willow fell asleep before they started, but I promise she didn't miss a thing!  She woke up as soon as they started, and clung to me the entire time!  It was super cute, honestly she wasn't that scared of the bigger, louder ones, it was the ones that would crack and have about a dozen go off at the same time that spooked her.  I wish we had a lot of pics to share from our 4th of July fun, but by the time we got downtown, Jon and I realized our phones were basically dead!! So here are two pics I got of us waiting for our snacks:

Willow trying to get Evan... 

This was just prior to the tackle, for a 2 year old she is one strong girl! :) 


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