Truly blessed

It is quite funny I guess how your blessings are pointed out to you, or how you notice them...

Today Jon had to work the Tech booth at church.  I had the alarm all set in plenty of time for us all to get up, we take him to the church, come home and eat or go out with the kids and then attend church myself... But you see I was being a bit selfish this morning, and did not want to be the first one out of bed (you know it being Mother's day and all!! LOL) So, by the time Jon got out of bed to get ready I did not really feel there was enough time to get myself and 4 kids out the door, so we stayed behind.

We have had a pretty quiet, relaxing morning.  Everyone is healthy (Amanda is getting over strep but has been on antibiotics since Thursday afternoon), and I am just tired!! So aside from my children being pretty well behaved and showing me how blessed I am (Evan made me some pretty awesome things), I had a friend call to check in on me in today to make sure all was well since she didn't see me at church!

I really thought that was super awesome, that she took time out of her Mother's Day morning, to make sure I wasn't stuck home with sick kids or such.  Pretty awesome to know that I have such great friends. :)

I hope you all have an awesome Mother's Day, and a truly wonderful Sunday! :)


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