The Up's and Downs approaching..

I am both so excited and so very nervous about tomorrow's doctor's appointments that I have.  I get to go to the MFM (maternal fetal medicine) and have an ultrasound done and hopefully find out the sex of this little one.... But then at 2 something I have to go to the OB and I am a bit nervous about that appointment as she said the MFM will also do all the measurements of uterus and fluid etc, and they can tell if I am going to be a higher risk for pre-term labor again.... To be honest, I have already had some cramping/braxton hicks and I am only 20 weeks along!! I am so worried that my doctor will advise me against going to DC in August with PHF.  We all really want to go again, and I am hoping since we drive she will be okay with it (especially if I promise to keep the sight seeing down to a bear minimum!!)  Oh how I hate that my body does this to me.....

But the bright side, is that this is my last week of working so many hours.  I will keep the job (after much thought and debate) and will work 6-9 on Tuesday and Friday evenings.  Basically a way to get out of the house and decompress a bit.... I love my children but I have not ever attempted to stay home with them, so it will be a learning curve for one and all! LOL  I am looking forward though to the trips to the beach that we can make, runs to the park to go play, just a great outdoor - laid back summer!!  I know what I am imagining will most likely be the Utopian version of how summer will turn out, but it is nice to dream right?

We are still awaiting the results of Jonathan's sleep study that was done last week, so I am getting anxious about that - despite them telling me prior to scheduling that it could take up to 2 weeks before we hear back from them about what the plan is.... So I sit and wait and try to keep focused on other things.

I am still house hunting, not to buy but to rent for another year.   We still have a tiny bit of clean up to do to our credit in order to qualify so we really want to get that set, and I just need to get out of this house!! 900 sq feet has gotten very cozy and I love cozy, but not right now with 6 soon to be 7 people living in it!!  But if all else fails, my goal this summer is to also re-organize this place so that if I need to make it work for 7 people, I can.

So there is a lot going on and at the same time, I feel a peace approaching my life! :)


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