The long awaited update....

Monday I took Jonathan in to see the sleep doctor.  It was an initial consultation, so a lot of questions to answer, a lot of talking of when did this start, what happened, what is going on now. How often does this happen, etc.  Well, this doctor, whom I have a liking to right away, was very nice - he was friendly, you could tell he cared about Jonathan, he explained things not only to me, but to Jonathan so he also understood why we were doing these things (big kudos for that!!)  So yeah we like Dr. Coles :)   Anyway, he has taken Jonathan off of the Melatonin and his other med that was for his headaches but had horrible side affects, told us to keep a sleep journal of how many times he gets up, what time he goes to bed, etc. Then scheduled us for a sleep study at the end of the month.  So now we wait for the meds to wear out of his system, watch to see if anything new happens, and then go for a sleep study to see what, if anything can be found there.

After all that is said and done we will discuss what the next step will be if any is needed.  So there is Jonathan in a nutshell.

Now I am also 18 weeks pregnant with our 5th child!!  I am now used to that idea, and while honestly still a little scared (I was with every one of them), kind of getting excited about it!  I am trying to keep focus on things close at hand though, as I tend to look at the bigger picture and begin to freak out (such as how do I get Willow to sleep in her new bed so mommy can have her own bed with daddy for just a little while before new baby - lol), or how are we going to fit another child in this house - holy cow we need out now!! You know those types of things... But instead, I am trying to remember to take things one day at a time, focus on today - get through this day that was given to you, and wake up the next day and think about all things that need to be tackled then! Such as today's focus is that tomorrow is Jonathan's 13th party, so we need to clean house and I had to shop for all things party still!! So I shopped today, will clean tonight/tomorrow morning (after picking up the cake) and then decorate for a party at 2! :)   Little things at a time will keep me sane.


Turtle65 said…
It will work out. It is hard to not be scared a bit. This is a lot of change at one time. But remember, in a year or two, you will look back and say, "Eh, why did I worry?!" Hugs and hang in there sweetie!
Amanda: said…
Congrats on the new addition!!!

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