Must. Push. Through...

Oh my what a week! I have begun to feel the exhaustion setting in slowly over the last week or two, but today is rough.  We had Jonathan's sleep study last night, yeah the one set for the end of the month some how actually ended up being last night!  So after we have him duck out of his orchestra concert as soon as the 7th/8th graders were done playing (sorry high schoolers but we had somewhere to be!!)  we left and grabbed a snack from home and on our way we went.

My sleep was pretty much how it has been this last week, sporadic at best.  Tossing/turning, muscle aches, hip pain, oh the joys of mid pregnancy, and it only gets better from here!! LOL  Anyway, his sleep was okay though, the tech can't really say much and we knew that - but she did tell us he never left the bed, he sat up and she came running to make sure he didn't try to get out of bed on his own, but all he did was sit up in his sleep and then go back to bed.  So I am not sure what it would have been to make him do that, we shall hear from Dr. Cole (the sleep doctor) within a week or two we were told.  So now its a sit and wait game!!

I have one more week of my normal hours at work, and then I am going to try to see how this new idea pans out... My boss loves me so much she doesn't want to see me go, so I will work Tuesday and Friday nights from 6-9 after Jon gets home from his job.  So we shall see how it goes.

Amanda is home again (3rd day in a row) recovering from strep, and today, since she is on antibiotics, she is 'feeling' so much better!! LOL  I love how quickly they work and make the kids think they are better, but she needs to understand she still needs rest until tomorrow... Then she will no longer be contagious and can go run rampant among the neighbors!! LOL

So the list of names for this baby has begun! We have always let the kids give their input and so far its only been Jon and Amanda who have added a name and its only to the girls list... so that makes me think even more it will be a boy just because its harder for us to pick!! LOL Hopefully we will know next week. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend, full of rest and fun! (I am hoping for rest!!)


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