Not much new...

Hmmm, a month has gone by yet again without a word from me!! It must mean things are still going quite smoothly and not too many exciting events are taking place.... Well, it could mean that there are so many exciting events that it is just keeping me too busy to write! I would like to think it is the latter.

Willow is still doing very well with her speech, in fact she is starting to put two words together! She will tell her brother or sister that it is 'my se' (my seat) or 'no brub' (brub is brother) and I am thinking there are others but those seem to be the ones stuck in my head currently.  She did have an MRI done last week (routine 6 month check) and we go into the neurosurgeons office this week Wednesday to hear what his thoughts are on the results.  I have a copy of the scan and the report, and it seems there are some ups and downs in this last MRI, but I have resolved myself to not freaking out until I hear what her doctor wants to do or has to say.  Right now, anything negative that was found is not affecting her at all, so it would be a waiting game regardless of what is said on Wednesday.

Jonathan hasn't been too busy with much, preparing for Solo and Ensemble next month, still doing his can drive to help fund his trip to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp this summer, enjoying science club and such.

Evan had an Odyssey of the Mind competition yesterday in Hastings, and he and his team did well! They came in third place and that really helped boost his spirits in the whole ordeal.  Other than that, its really just prepping for his birthday next month (he turns double digits!! :(  10 yrs. old already.

Amanda - oh Amanda... Well she is doing well in school, and is starting to get back into reading.  I think it helps that her and her sister have a new bed, its a trundle unit, and so she likes to read to Willow at least one book at night if its not too late already.

So that is the family re-cap, I hope these last few days of winter don't sting too bad for you all. :)


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