So just a quick little story.... Willow is speech delayed (as I have mentioned before) and while we encourage her all the time, she will speak in her own darn time! LOL  Well yesterday we were all at the dinner table, and as has become my norm, I pull 2 colored straws from our cupboard (she must drink from the big kid cups like the older ones).... So, before I give her one, I let her choose... Whatever color they are I say its name and then its first sound. So yesterday was Blue, B- B, blue and Orange, O - O, orange.... Then the most amazing thing happens...

She points to one and says 'Blue!' and it was the blue one that she pointed to!  Guys we have another word to add to her list! :)  Blue! :)   This is one amazed family over here, all of us were so proud of her last night and made a huge deal out of the fact that she has a new word.  It was also confirmed tonight when dad gave her the choice.. He pulled out blue and before he could get the other color out she yells Blue! :) I am one proud mommy :)


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