Off the cuff

Well, we had a fun weekend that was one of those off the cuff type of deals.  You see when I went into work Friday afternoon... I believed that our weekend was just as any other typical, no plans style of weekend that we have been finding ourselves with since the holidays are over - the kind where the kids remind you every five minutes that they are BORED!

Instead I got home from work to be told by Evan that he had a birthday party to go to the next day and he was super excited about it, only I didn't recall ever getting an invite... So, I send a message to this friends mom on Facebook and low and behold the invite did get lost!  So now plans have changed a bit....

My Saturday starts with taking Jon to GRCC to his ethics class, then I take the kids to Once Upon a Child to take advantage of their 'fill a bag for $15.00 sale' and boy did I ever! I got all four kids a few things and boots for Willow so she could play outside as well, and only spent $28.00! I was excited :)

Once home I cleaned up a bit, then took Willow outside to play... Her and I had a blast! We threw snow balls, ate snow, rolled down our yard, and I even tossed her into the snow! LOL   It was a great 20 minutes of fun before we went back in to warm up.  Then after getting Jon from school and eating lunch it was off to the Kroc center here in GR for birthday party fun.  Boy did Evan have a blast!  There were quite a few of his friends from school, they had cake, ice cream, opening of presents by the birthday boy and swimming! Who wouldn't have enjoyed all that?!  (for the record it was also nice for me as I got to sit and chat with a few people I have not seen in a very long time).   

So after that, I got home to find that the tire was back on the van, and that a neighbor was over trying to help Jon jump it to see if it would start.  Well low and behold, after he brought his SUV over to use that to jump, we were able to get it running! So we all hop in the van to go for a family ride to the pet shop on Alpine to get our bearded dragon some crickets, and then grab a quick $5.00 pizza from Little Caesers. Once home, I slowly shut off the van for fear of what may happen next.  Well I turned it over and IT STARTED AGAIN!  Yes, this is one very happy girl! :)

So that evening, we find that our friends are planning a party for their son who turns 3 for Sunday.  They posted a few pics of the decorations, and I send birthday wishes and then realize its another off the cuff party! :)  So after church today, we got to go celebrate with friends that we haven't hung out with for a while, and celebrate their son's third birthday! :)  We all had a blast, kids of all ages were there, and after the birthday boy opened his presents, and we all had cake, there was a nerf style war in the front room (by of course boys of all ages, including Jon).  :) 

So despite the original boring weekend that we once thought we were going to have, we ended up having such an amazingly good time, that I don't believe I heard the words 'I'm bored' once this weekend.  AHHHHHHH that is a sign of a truly good weekend. 

Thank you to all of our great friends that helped in our plans :)  We love you all


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