A new'er' normal....

So the other day I got a post card in the mail from Willow's neurosurgeon - time for your follow up visit, please call us to schedule your appointment!  So I call, and don't hear anything for two days.  I was going to call back to day, and instead got out of work to a voicemail from Helen DeVos Children's hospital - Dr. Foody has ordered a sedated MRI, so we need to schedule that. Oh.... my heart sank.  I know nothing is wrong, and she is doing great, but oh.... So, this is our newest normal - a scheduled MRI for the follow up visit.  I know why they need it and all, but oh....  
When your child has to go under sedation, and has already gone under so many times that it no longer works so they keep propofol on hand so as to instantly knock her out if she wakes up, it kind of sucks when we have to do this. But this indeed will be our new'er' normal, and her appointment is set for March 6th, at 8:30 am arrival time. 

She also has scheduled for the month of February her hearing re-check, and ENT follow up since it has been a year and it seems she still has the tubes in her ears from that surgery in Jan. 2012.  We start speech services this week as well, so it seems that while things are going well, and it is far from the many therapies she was once receiving, we are back to fitting in appointments!

Something wonderful also happened today.... Jon has a job now! :) I really don't know too much, but I know it is in his field of graphic arts, web design, and the starting pay is good, and goes up based on merit, and he already loves Jon's abilities! :)  It is part time to start and then would go into full time (not sure exactly when that will happen); but this is a great thing for our family - it may require a few changes and adjustments, but it will be wonderful in the end. 

Hope everyone has had a great January, so hard to believe that the month is just about done!


Amanda: said…
We have ALL kinds of experience with propofol... Josh is just now at the age where he doesn't have to be sedated for his MRIs. At least it knocks them out in half a second!!

The worst part of MRI's for us has always been starting the IV - that's never fun :(

Hope this one is an easy one for you guys!

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