Surgery #15

Okay, so it isn't brain surgery and not related to her shunt.... But we are speaking with the ENT to have Willow's tube replaced in her right ear.  It fell out early August and after our trip to DC - that Friday she was diagnosed with an ear infection. So here we sit at week 3 since diagnosis and she still has an ear infection and we are on her second antibiotic.  I hate having to give them to her, I don't want her body to build up a resistance to antibiotics since she is always going to have to have them for her surgeries...

Anyway I transgress - so we are scheduling the surgery after they call me back.  My guess will be he will want it done soon, but most likely some time next month.  So she will be 21 months old and have 15 surgeries under her belt.... uggghhh

On a side note, we recently got a kitten.  The kids have named her Isabella (I think you may have met her before) well, she is truly quite fond of Willow. She tolerates her toddler tendencies to mistreat animals in many ways, she loves to cuddle with her, she is beginning to know to run from Mandie! LOL  (don't we all?!) - but really she is becoming quite the 'ditty' in our family (Willow's name for the cat)

Willow on the other hand does not always like to be cuddled so closely by the 'ditty'...


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