Well we went out as a family yesterday to enjoy Artprize, something we have done annually since its inception.  We usually enjoy ourselves immensely and have fun talking about it for a few days after about what the favorite piece was among us all. :)  This year though, is a bit different... for a few reasons too.  First we parked our car on the south end of town off of Division and headed north.  Figuring first main stop would be UICA, but hoping to see a lot of galleries on the way.  Well we stopped in to a new location named 'ice cream'.  It is going to be a new gallery in town, that will not only showcase and sell art, but toys too!! The better part of this place (in my children's opinion) is that they got free ice cream! LOL  They have a mini fridge in their and its stocked full of ice cream - drum sticks, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cups and I forget what else... Normally it will be 1.00/ea, but he gave it to the kids free.  They were so happy to start the trip with FREE ICE CREAM! I mean really who wouldn't be?!   And so after leaving here, we traveled onward to the UICA.  There are definitely some very cool pieces in that place, and if you don't get to make it out to very many, please make that a must stop place!!  From there we carried on our journey through downtown, and just not seeing very many things outside, kept walking!  Well we made it to Kendall College, and we thought we would go in and check it all out... Only to be met at the door and turned away.  See here is the discrimination part of our trip...

We have Willow in her stroller - for a few reasons, it carries her things for us, and two she has a broken foot!  I mean yes she can and does still walk on it (she wears a blue boot), but to expect a 21 month old to walk downtown with a broken foot is a bit much.  So we have the stroller.  Now we open the door and as I said was greeted by a smiling lady, who said, "I'm sorry but we don't allow strollers in here at all, you have to leave it outside", to which I turned right around and said 'oh but if she were in a wheelchair it would be fine huh?" Of course I understand my comment probably didn't mean a damn thing to her really - she probably didn't even see that Willow had a broken foot since she was also covered up with blankets.  And while she can walk, again why???   Why is it okay to have an adult or older child with a broken foot in some sort of 'wheeled device' be allowed in and not my daughter in a stroller?? Are you not equipped to handle such a case?  I just found it to be completely absurd and really find it to be... uggh I am so upset I just can't find the correct words..

Anyway, so after that, we went looking for elephants ears, or at least a way to prove to Evan they don't exist at this type of festival?!  And well, so far we are right - there are no elephant ears to be found.  So if you are out and about, and do indeed see some cool art, let us know as well will be going back (just not to Kendall) and if you even happen to come across a way to purchase elephant ears, let us know - Evan will be very happy and thankful to you.

Hope you all are enjoying your start to Fall!

Willow waiting to pick up Jonathan from school - waiting stinks

Some pottery at UICA 5th floor

some more pottery

A close up of the pottery

A video of the birds at UICA 

Evan & Amanda at the UICA waiting for the elevator

A fairie at the BOB?

Willow got to see elephants at the BOB and boy was she happy! :) 

So last night was also popcorn party for the cub scouts, so here is Evan in boot camp

And we will end with a not so happy Willow picture - yes even Willow can cry if she wants to. 


Danielle said…
I had a similar incident at a local Target. N loves to ride in the cart and i like that better than the stroller for shopping trips bc then he's at my level--otherwise, he's in the stroller. well.. i ALWAYS take the stroller into the handicap accessible changing room since N can't sit or walk on his own. Well, this trip, the attendant stopped me and said, "I'm sorry, but you can't take your cart in there." I said, "But i always do!" she said, "Well, its a policy--you can't take a cart in there." I said, "My son can't walk or stand on his own, so what do you suggest that i do?" she said, "you can't take the cart inside." I Said, "well here's the three pairs of pants I was going to buy and a couple of shirts. You can surely find something to do with them." and i walked off. I was FUMING. so mad...
I found a manager once i had walked around and cooled down. I explained the situation to him and told him that i'm a loyal Target customer and her ignorance isn't going to keep me from shopping there again, but there has to be some leeway. He agreed that there are times when their policies need to be bent to accommodate others. He offered the chance for me to use the dressing room, but i was so flustered and angry still that i just left.
People are so ridiculous sometimes! I'm sorry you were put in that situation. They needed to make an exception and they didn't.

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