Hospital Admittance number......?

Does one even need to keep track anymore? Does the number of times being in the hospital with a lifelong illness even matter after a while? Some will probably say no, it doesn't matter - but let me tell you that when it pulls you away from the rest of the family you love and you are left all alone in the hospital room at night with things that are meant to bring comfort but instead bring back memories of long stays - it matters. 

So we brought her in based on the wisdom of her pediatricians on call nursing staff.  She has had a fever since Thursday anywhere between 100 up to 102.4.  Of course we get here and she has no fever (go figure), but after speaking with the on call neuro team (which I usually despise), we decide to try a shunt tap and see if we can get a cell count.  Unfortuantely we were not able to pull off a bunch of fluid due to her tiny vents (as he said); and so they are instead sending it off to see if a culture comes back positive.  So to be safe they admitted us to put her on antibiotics while we wait it out and then her neuro will be here tomorrow to tell us more of what we can expect.

I am trying to stay happy/strong/up beat... whatever you want to call it, instead I am just highly annoyed.  So if you want to find us this week - try Helen DeVos Children's Hospital we may still be here. :(

Here she is sleeping in the ER room prior to admittance.


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