First Month Down

We have almost completed our first full month of summer vacation!  How has gone? Well, not without bumps of course, but not really with Willow.  We have been able to avoid a visit to Helen-DeVos Children's so far (of course I say this while knocking on all things related to wood in my house)! We have had her post-op appointment with her neurosurgeon, and he feels she is doing well (as do we really), and she has had her WIC appointment, and despite being called a 'tiny peanut who is taking after mom' they feel she is doing fine, and she has also recently had her 18 month check up!  Can you believe she is 18 months old already?! She has finally broke the 20 lb mark, by 8 oz!! LOL  She still had her diaper on, so that is 8 oz. there but at least she is 20 lbs now.  She is 30 inches long, so a bit on the short side, but we do have some short grandma's too.

The other kids are still having a hard time adjusting to being home and allowing Willow her time to rest, relax, and more importantly nap. So that means Jon is having a hard time working as well.  My job has me away from the home quite a bit during day time hours, and so it makes it hard for things to be organized and structured for the kids with all that working going on.  :( 

But we are now moving on to July, this month has us working on celebrating the fourth together as a family (we couldn't do that last year Willow was in the hospital); working on teaching the kids more responsibility (we have a chore a day thing going on now), and working towards our goal of going to DC next month! Hopefully we will be able to put together a fundraiser this month to help us get there as well! More on that to come depending on approval of site. 

So far our summer has been filled with nightly family walks through the neighborhood, weekend trips to a nearby park, swimming with friends or family and just watching the weather with Willow!

Thanks for sharing our life with us. Our summer in pictures:

Our walk tonight

Enjoying the stroller ride tonight

This was how she passed out last night... On the floor

Enjoying Cub Scout Crossover on Saturday June 30

Jonathan Enjoying a park trip at Briggs Park

Mandie eating dinner at Cub Scout Crossover

Park trip - Briggs Park

Aunt Jo at the zoo maybe??

Evan in the distance at Cub Scout Crossover


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