A busy summer with the PHF

So this summer I have tried to keep busy in the name of the Michigan Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation, and I think I have met that goal!

June we had an event at Chuck E. Cheese, July I did an event at Buffalo Wild Wings and my co-director has a huge event planned at the end of this month as well!  He has teamed up with the Beautiful U Salon in Lapeer and has a family fun day/cut-a-thon planned from 2-7 on July 27th!  I was hoping to make it out there for support, but alas my work schedule has changed and now I work on Friday's from 1-8. August our family has a couple of things planned... The PHF has its 2nd Annual Day on Capitol Hill (www.hydrocephaluskids.org) planned for Aug. 24th and after a few discussions with Jon; we have decided that our family wants... no needs to be there this year.  We really feel that I am being allowed this time to teach others about hydrocephalus.  It is not the type of teaching I had wanted to do in my life, but it is teaching non the less!   So in order to get there (it is not a cheap trip!!LOL); we are holding a donation yard sale fundraise on August 9-11.  A few people made this suggestion when our first idea fell through, and so we will give it a try. Basically we are asking friends and family for their stuff they no longer want in their house, and we will take it as a donation and keep the funds to help us get to DC.  The other side of this yard sale is ther will be no prices on the items as it is a donation sale.  You come and make a donation towards the goal! :)  It can only be a win/win in this case.
September is National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month and there is a lot going on then too!  September 9th, I have teamed up with Hydro Angels Over America and am doing a bowling event for them!  It is so exciting to work with another hydrocephalus group to get the word out there.  This should be a blast as well.  Then at the end of the month is a National Yard Sale for the PHF that we will be working on as well (yes two yard sales this year... I think for this one we will team up with other families to make a large one).

So there goes the summer in events with the PHF! :)


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