Just another day....

Well we are about 2 weeks into summer vacation with all the kids being home, and we are still trying to figure out this adjustment! Strange really, how hard this is on us, but I will give you a few examples... The older children who are used to summers where mom has been more laid back and flexible with bedtimes are having a hard time adjusting to the fact that bed time has not changed from school time to summer time (I used to let them stay up until the sun set), but alas, I have a job that has me working in the morning and an 18 month old who still wakes up to nurse in the middle of the night at least twice.  So this mama needs some sleep!  The other thing is, the older children do not know how to keep quiet voices in my house when Willow is in need of a nap... So we are having trouble with that as well. 

The kids don't seem to be having trouble with keeping themselves busy either with computer time, outside time, fighting time (what bunch of siblings doesn't enjoy a good round of fighting with each other?!), eating, snacking, oh and the best part..... The boys have decided to start doing more chores around the house! :)   Jon has decided to give them an allowance, and the rule with their allowance is 1/2 must go in the bank and they are allowed to do with the other half what they want.  Now some might think that is excessive, but when doing dishes is a $2.00 chore, or keeping the bedroom clean is $1.00 a day, you would think it would add up quickly right?? No not with my boys.. LOL  Now Jonathan has a few things going on this summer with scouts, so he may very well be a diligent little worker and clean something every day to earn money, but Evan.... well lets just say the novelty has already wore off, and he only cleaned his room to earn an initial $5.00. LOL  

Work is just that, and some days are better than others. But I have decided this will be the last summer here and I am going to work hard at making sure I can be a substitute teacher next school year.  If I sub 4-6 full days per month, I am making the same as I currently am working every day, every week.  So I think I will opt for that.  Then if Willow ends up in the hospital again, I don't have to worry about missing work, I just don't sub and when she is out of the hospital I go back to taking sub jobs.  I was going to do thas last year but for some reason just didn't trust myself to do it, well teaching has always been my goal in life, so if I can't completely finish school just yet and earn that degree I can at least put my 140 earned credits to good use and sub! :) 

So, some of you may also be wondering how is Willow doing... She is doing well!  We have had a few days here and there (at least once a week) where she is vomitting once or twice.  The humidity does still bother her.  I took her outside to run to the bank and store with me yesterday and in the short time it took me to put her in the car, out of the car and into the bank, she threw up. :(  So obviously we won't be playing outside much this summer on the horribly humid days, but other than that she is doing well.

Hope you all have a great summer! :)


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