My baby's growing up...

Our little Willow is growing up just as we hoped she would! She is no longer in any sort of therapy, as she is developmentally at her level (or even fighting to go beyond it!).  She is learning sign language as well as I could dream!  I taught her ball yesterday and she is using it non-stop, and will sign it and then go find a ball to play with, so she is really associating the sign with the word.  Of course I am still speaking the word verbally for her as well, so that she hears it, see's it (in a few forms, the sign and actual item if possible).  She is now up to, hmmmm: mama, dada, don't hit, sorry, ball, more, eat, nurse, bird, elephant, banana (though she doesn't use it just yet that often, I have seen it twice), all done, open, diaper, (again these last two we are working on), I think that is it.  Wow 14 words!! Woohoo, and well of course she will wave hello and good bye! LOL

We got to enjoy Mother's Day at home this year and not in the hospital, so that was super awesome.  It was a nice and quiet day working outside in the yard (my choice), and prepare it for the big planting session that will happen soon.  I cannot wait to get a few new plants in the yard, a new patio table umbrella, add some new wood chips, to refresh the yard.  Oh I can see it already!

I also cannot believe that the older kids will be out of school soon too.  Oh summer is fast approaching.  I am not sure what it will hold for us, but I am slowly getting more excited for the upcoming events (fundraisers and such for the PHF), as well as some day trips that I think will be awesome with the family.  And DC at the end of the summer for the PHF, Jonathan is the only one who knows about that so far.

 Sleeping in my arm chair
 Silly Willow play time
Playground time!!


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