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Never a dull moment in our house; after all what would we do with a dull moment anyway? Hmmm, the possibilities...  In all seriousness though, I thought it would be fun to give an update on our amazing little family.  After all there has been a few things happening in the last month outside of Willow's health! LOL  

So, Jon turned another year older on the 15th of April (I am sure he is thrilled by this new turn of events), shortly after Evan gained a new number as well! Yes folks, he is now 9 years old! He is doing so well in school and really is growing into a great boy.  Easter was a blast, and was able to be spent at home and with friends; we went and had dinner with a friend and their family and really had a blast this year.  It is so wonderful to feel the support and love from true friends.  

Jonathan has finished a couple of fundraisers this last month in order to raise money to go on two camping trips.  One is for 6th grade camp, and at the end of this month, they will be going up to Ludington State Park and staying for a whole week!! :(  This mommy will miss her baby boy (yes I know he is not a baby, but geez when did he get to be so big??)  The other fundraiser is for boy scout camp, this will be his second year at Camp Gerber, and he really is looking forward to that trip as well.  Oh and on May 1, he got another year older as well!! He is now 12!! ACCCCKKK one more year and I have a teenager on my hands. Uggghhhhhh.  

Amanda is doing well also, she has an alter ego that we like to call 'ms. sassy pants' and really that person is her attitude.  I have to remind her every so often that ms. sassy pants does not live in my house because really I have my own attitude and there is just not enough room in this house for 2 attitudes to fit!! Yes, I do indeed tell her that as well! LOL   She is doing a bit better at trying to keep sassy pants to a minimum at least. 

Jon has recently lost his job sadly though. We are doing well (though it has only been a week), but I know that there really is something better in store for our family.  Oddly enough, I am not in freak out mode, panic, screaming or throwing fits about it.  After all would that really help?? No, and I do know that and have grown quite a bit I believe lately enough to know that today my family is taken care of.  Somehow we will make it through this.  Now as much as I would love to ask the question though (Why do rough roads always cross our paths? Or why do we always get to deal with all the bad shit? However you want to phrase it) I know there is no answer that I will ever hear while here living my life.  So instead of wondering 'why me', I am going to say 'why not me'?? I have grown from so many other adversities and I will continue to grow with this as well! I have so many more people to turn to now and talk to and help me grow that I really can't see it happening any other way.  

So all in all, it has been a crazy month filled with its ups and downs and loopy dee loops, but we always have a smile to share: 

This was taken Tuesday on Jonathan's birthday... To think they are all actually looking at me while I take the picture! This may never happen again! LOL 


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