Willow's Weekend Review

Well, it is Sunday afternoon.  I have endured another weekend at the hospital!  Yesterday was a bit rough as I did not get to leave at all... I hate those days where I am seriously stuck here and am at the mercy of my daughter and when will she take a nap so that mommy can rest too... Well yesterday I won't lie, I took a nap when she did in the afternoon!  I needed it!  And it was so awesome that once we were awake, the nurse came in and did her vitals and told me that when she saw us both napping she refused to come in and bother us! :)  That was so nice to hear. Because I really did need the rest.

So yesterday to fill her time, Willow played in her crib, took laps around the 9th floor, and just hung out in her high chair.  Oh and of course aside from driving mommy crazy, she took a couple of naps! LOL

Today was a bit different. She woke up a bit later than normal (yeah we slept in), until about 8:30. Breakfast came around 9, she refused to nap, so mommy didn't get a shower until almost 11 when she finally crashed!  Daddy and the boys show up right around then, so I say SHHHHHH! LOL

I left daddy here with Willow and took the boys to McDonalds, home to grab some more things, give an Easter/birthday gift early (call it mommy guilt for not being around this week), then off to Meijer to grab a few things!  I had a 2 hour break from the hospital, and Willow had 2 hours of daddy time.  Which from my understanding was spent in his arms driving him crazy as all she wanted to do was be a mover and shaker! :)  (that's my girl)

So, we get back and then Willow and I had a couple of friends visit (thank you Jess and Kerry).  This is where she really got to show off!  She was all over the room with them here, almost trying to prove she is not sick! Or just begging for someone to break her out of here. :)  Either way it was a loud visit with her totally voicing her stories she had to share with the girls as well, but it was a blast.  So much so that they left and she passed out for a nap! Who would have thought it took so much energy to run around a hospital room!

So, tomorrow we will hopefully see her neurosurgeon (that was the last thing he said on Thursday anyway), and know when the next surgery is and really what is the next plan.  He has shaved her shunt spot in preperation for complete removal, but so far no one has drawn off any additional CSF, so I am not sure if he will be happy when we see him tomorrow.  OR if he will even have his plan since we don't know where her eosinophil numbers are at, and what her WBC's look like in her CSF either.  So with all of that said, we sit and wait.

I also want to thank all of our friends who are offering so much help and support with meals, our kids and all things involved with being split from our family.  Thank you so much.

Last night picture of the two of us, saying we miss you daddy.  <3


Colleen said…
Missed you all at the Egg Hunt today - but I sent lots of healing love and energy your way - hope you felt it :).

Thank you so much for your openness and sharing what's up - I know I don't get to see you often - but please know you are in my heart and mind often!


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