Quick update

So Monday night she spiked a fever again, I gave her Tylenol and we went to bed.  I called her NS in the morning, explaining that it wasn't that high but she got a fever again, and that she did not really eat breakfast and also threw up.  So with that all said they decided it was tripworthy of the ER.  So Jon and I packed her up and traveled the 10 minutes to the hospital (yes I am very thankful we live so close to the hospital).
We then get to spend the rest of the day there! It was fantastic let me tell you... Okay so I am a bit sarcastic there, but I am still tired. ;)   So, they drew labs, did a shunt series (xrays of her head/chest) and a CT scant. All came back clear, so they looked again at the shunt series and found no pneumonia either (double checked just to be safe) and so sent us home in time for dinner.  Wow, a whole day in ER and NO answers, I am still frustrated to say the least.

So Thursday we go see the NS office as she needs her stitches removed, so daddy takes her to the appointment. Where we find out that one incision site is redder than it should be and slightly raised (possible herniation), so now we have an ultrasound scheduled for her next week to make sure another surgery is not required.  Wow!!

I also put a call in to the pediatrician about her temp changes all the time, and she is referring us to infectious diseases to see if they can find an issue (sorry cause) for her fevers.  I know it is normal for a child to get fevers, but with her's going all over the place all the time, Jon and I are beginning to wonder if she has a problem with her hypothalamus and keeping her temp. regulated.  So now we just wait and see.

In the meantime, we try to carry on a typical day that involves hanging with the rest of the kids too! :)


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