Better intentions...

Well, I had plans of a great update for you guys, but alas now it is almost midnight and I am tired.  I really should be getting to bed, but my mind is still racing in many directions none of which have it slowing down for sleep. :(

Quite a few things had changed throughout the day today, so instead of a long drawn out what happened, I will fill you in on the end results of it all! LOL

Willow is now on her fourth IV, you saw that right 4th.  I feel so bad for my baby girl, I once again asked about the chances of a port so that next time she does not have to go through all of this and was told I would need to discuss that with the neurosurgery team, so you better believe I will before her next surgery.  Which we found out will be on Thursday! :)   Happy dance as there is a chance we will be home for Easter!  Woohoo thank you Lord! :)

It seems as if her neurosurgeon was kind of reaching out on a limb here and trying something new with her.  She did have an elevated count of White Blood Cells (WBC's for future reference), and a high count of eosinophils (which is a marker used to show an allergic reaction) both were found in her Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF).  Not good!! But, instead of going all crazy and taking the whole shunt out (which because she is allergic to it he will need to do at some point) he opted now to see if externalizing the shunt through her stomach and placing her on Vancomycin (a heavy duty antibiotic), would delay it for a bit.  And it seems it worked.  I was told today that on Wednesday (of last week) her Eosinophil number was 8, today it is 1!  I am so thrilled to hear that his reaching out on a limb worked.  Don't get me wrong, I hate that we have to be in the hospital for a week, and I know that this process may need to be repeated very soon, if not even done differently next time... But for now it delayed a brain surgery, and for that I am thankful.

So for now, she sits in the hospital, room 924 waiting for surgery number 12 to take place.

Good night my friends & family.


Chel said…
Good job choosing joy and things to be thankful for amidst all the challenges! Yay for Willow!

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