My little heart attack

I love her dearly, I really do... But when she begins to do this:

I begin to worry, and the reason is this; after getting this video she decides to climb again, and as I am telling daddy that I just got a video of her doing this and sent it to Aunt Becki does she decide to go flying off the arm of the chair and dad comes sailing to the rescue and grabs her by the leg and catches her before she hits the ground.  Now with any other 15 month old child you would let them fall so that they can see the error of their ways (in a safe manner of course). Only Willow cannot fall on her head too many times without it most likely causing a trip to the ER.  If dad had not been there to catch her, that would have been the third time today of falling off the furniture and hitting her head.

What am I going to do with her??


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