Our stay is coming to an end

A much welcomed end too!  We really are truly blessed by how much the nurses here love our little Willow and I am extremely thankful for the great care she receives to (when under Dr. Foody's care since he knows her so well).

Anyway, surgery yesterday took longer than normal but Jon and I were keeping ourselves busy with the iPad and books to read so we didn't notice too much how long it was taking.  Her neurosurgeon came out and said there were 'no known complications', so that is good.  We put her back to a 1.5 fixed rate shunt so that will be good.  The other thing he said after surgery is that we really need to get her tubes placed immediately.  And if we could do it on Saturday before discharge even better!! LOL  Yeah like that will happen, but I did call her ENT and the soonest we can get in is the 30th of this month... so two more weeks that should not be too bad I would think.

She seems to be in great spirits this morning, so it looks good in our favor to be going home today! :)  I am so very excited for this to happen and to go back to normal with our life.  But I say normal totally tongue in cheek; especially since we just have to learn to incorporate Willow's normal into our life.  We know we will be back in the hospital again some day, so we really need to just have a plan so that the next time it happens Jon and I don't feel like we are caught off guard.  I don't know what that plan will entail, but we will figure that out later.  For now, it is 9 am on Saturday and I am going to enjoy my coffee, while Willow eats her french toast and banana.  Have I mentioned how much that girl LOVES a banana?? It is amazing to see how much that little mouth can actually fit in it! LOL

Well, I hope everyone has a good weekend, and has a better start to their new year than we did.  But today is a new day, and we will enjoy it just the same! :)


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