Crazy idea

So, here it is... for all of you who do not as of yet, last year I signed on with the Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation as the state of Michigan's co-director.  For my closest friends, this should not surprise you that I have taken on an endeavor to spread awareness of the condition that Willow has. Up to this point, I have not done much except for talk. Now talking has done a lot in a different sort of way when it comes to awareness, I can say that a lot of my friends who knew nothing before know a lot and that is something.  :) 

But here is the crazy idea, pretty soon on my facebook page and on the Michigan PHF page you will see a fundraiser called 'have a heart for hydrocephalus'.  It is our national campaign that we do to raise funds for research.  Well, while standing in the shower half asleep, and thinking of a local radio station's show recently and what they have done in the past for special needs children, I thought of this idea that has me so excited, I really feel that it is calling to me, and that despite the time crunch it can be done!  I have to say I have never done something like this before, and am not sure where to begin, but I feel the calling and know that I have to at least give it a try.  

I am thinking of a 'Sweetheart Dance', so named due to February having Valentine's Day in it, as well as going with the 'Have a Heart for Hydrocephalus' theme.  So, this would need to take place no later than the first weekend in March to truly make sense.  Obviously its a dance, so I need to find a location, a dj, food, decorations and figure out promotions, ticket prices etc. Just thinking of the logistics has my head spinning!  But yet here I sit just so excited to think that I truly feel this can take place. I keep saying I have never FELT this before and its because I haven't. I have been passionate about many things in my life, but this is truly like I am being called to do this.... So with that being said, I sent an email tonight to the radio station's manager, mentioning who I am, what I do, and what I am looking for (as in general guidance).  I made it clear that I am not writing to them for freebies, I am looking to them because I loved what has been done in the past for special needs children, and think that this would go great with that philosophy, and would they like to help?  

So I hope to hear back some time next week, and if I do it will be amazing!! 

So friends, there it is.... a dance that is calling my name. :)  


Carielle said…
I think that's an awesome idea, Donna!!! If anyone can make it happen, it's you :)

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