The weekend has come to an end...

What a weekend!

Friday started with taking Jonathan to a boy scout outing; he got to go swimming and then spend the night at another scouts place.  They have a barn, and the scouts who want to go and camp out in the barn! He had a blast I know that much; oh and apparently his team won the amazing race they did on Saturday.  Since he was there, he did miss Willow's party, but he knew that was going to happen, and I told him not to worry about it, she is only a year old, and won't remember anyway! LOL  Then after finding dinner on the run, (Wendy's sounded good that night), we head to Evan's Michigan Sings choir concert.  It was a concert that was showcasing songs by Michigan artists, so we got to hear songs by El DeBarge (Rhythm of the Night), Bob Seger (Old time Rock in Roll), Diana Ross, Madonna, Aretha Franklin, they even threw in some Eminem! It was held at the Wealthy Street Theater, so the kids loved that, they even sold snacks (which of course was Amanda's favorite part).  After all of that, we get home and I find that Jonathan left his sleeping bag in my van in the back... ugghhhh have to go back out and rescue a child from the 30 some degrees it was supposed to be that night. He better appreciate how much I love him.  By the time I was able to get Willow to sleep it was 11 pm, and I was exhausted myself.  That meant no getting things done for the party on Saturday. :(

Saturday rolls around, and Willow wakes me up at 8 am!  :)  Good morning sunshine :)  Well, I feed her breakfast, take a shower and work on waking up the crew, after all, we have a lot to do before 1 pm!  We got the house cleaned just fine, but the food was not quite done yet.  I had trouble with my chocolate for the reindeer poo I was making (chocolate with nuts), and then I didn't ask Jon to make his fried ravioli in time as he was busy with homework and while I didn't want to bother him, I did want something else to snack on.  Finally I broke down around 12:20 and asked him to make it and it was not done by 1. :(  But the party started at 1 pm on the dot with our first guest arriving. I do believe the party went fantastic, despite how I was feeling leading up into it.  It was the first open house style party I have ever had, and while I know that and had requested that no one need to RSVP, I was getting down on the fact that the 2 days leading into Saturday, I was getting a lot of calls about people not coming... that can get quite frustrating to say the least.  Well, despite the stress I have leading into any party, we got to see many faces grace our house and Willow.  There are indeed many people who came to show their support and love to a special little girl, and many who indeed wish they could have made it but for various reasons could not.  It is actually quite overwhelming and very humbling to know soooooooooooooooooo (yes it requires that many o's) many people care about our little Willow.  The party was done by 4 and the only people left at that point was a friend who was staying since I was going to be watching her kids for a bit later that evening, and my mother in law.  After feeding everyone dinner, Willow and I began to relax on the lazy boy and Amanda read us a couple of stories and I will say, that I don't remember Amanda finishing the second story! (blush)  I totally fell asleep by 7:30!  I was obviously exhausted! LOL  But as I said it was a great day!

Sunday was spent recovering.  We just laid low, I did dishes, read the newspaper, laundry that type of thing.  Now to get the house ready for Christmas! The problem is I have no place to put my tree! :(   So I am trying to figure out what we are going to do about that, and then we are good to go.  :)

So, as soon as I can get my pictures off of my phone I will post them.


Meg said…
I'm so glad that the party went well and wish we could have been there for it. Willow is doing so well! I'd sure like to see her and give her a cuddle:-) I hope you guys have a great December!

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