Happy New Year!!

What a year!  I could probably say that this last year has been horrible, filled with so much unknown turmoil, so many unexpected events that have turned our world upside down and sideways... But if I did say that and leave it at that, truly believing that was all that happened in 2011 I sure would be shorting myself the joys that we had the rest of the year.  Sure it has been tough, and trust me, I pray that 2012 is easier on our family and Willow... But it is indeed the road bumps that make us stronger and bring us closer together. It shows you who the true friends are, the family that will always be there regardless of silliness... It shows a lot.

Willow and I are spending New Year's Eve in the hospital. I am quite sad that I cannot be with the whole family as I thought it would be.  But right now instead my thoughts are hoping that her shunt is not infected and that we don't have to have it removed in the next day or so... But only time will tell.

So as I sit here worrying about my daughter and reflecting on all that 2011 has brought to us.  I want to only hope that 2012 is in the least - just as fun, filled with just as many smiles (of course more are always welcome), and just as blessed as 2011 has been.  I cannot say what tomorrow will bring, I do not know how many more times Willow will be admitted into Helen DeVos Children's and I do not know what other things I may miss doing with whole family... But in the end, I can say that we will all be together and that is the important part.

Thank you friends and family for following Willow's story, I look forward to sharing so much more of it in the year 2012.


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