A new perspective

I have done a lot of thinking lately, and that is not always a bad thing and no it did not hurt. : p

I have just been thinking about how blessed we are as a family, and how tumultuous this year has been and yet how far we have all come.  I was reading old blogs and notes in journals that I have found, and to see what life was like in March before Willow's first surgery and to see where she is now is like we are speaking of two different children.  I was just thinking earlier today about how she is still a mommy's girl, and she will cuddle with me all day if she could!  And while I will admit there are times when I complain about it, there are the moments where I look at her and say things could be different and she could be needing me for other reasons.  I try to put into perspective that we are very blessed with how things have turned out in our life, despite me not always being able to keep up with the house. But I would not change it for the world!


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