Really what else is new right? I am a mom to four children who pull me in every which direction they can!  I know, but there are some weeks where you really feel it and other weeks are a breeze.  This is one of those really trying weeks.
Monday Evan, Amanda and Willow went to the doctor.. Evan had a couple of stitches removed from his ear the rest will be Friday after school.  Amanda must wear the boot for at least 2 more weeks and then we will see how she is feeling and Willow has an ear infection.  We are really not sure if it actually ever went away; but here is she now on a new antibiotic.  Tuesday was slightly low key actually and that was nice, got some cleaning done to the house with Jon's help! Hurrah! Today is Wednesday and Willow started the morning at the eye doctor who said her vision looks great with the glasses so now to keep them on her face at all times (fun let me tell you).  We also scheduled her surgery for the opening of her tears ducts in the right eye.  They do it as an out patient surgery, but she does need to be sedated for it. :(  That is set for February 23, 2012.  Then off to Physical therapy, which also went well.  We are going to be working on strengthening her left leg.  It seems that when she goes to pull herself up into a standing position it is always by pushing off with her right leg, never the left it is horribly weak and wobbly.  So that is one goal, the second is to work on getting her to squat more to pick up toys and stand back up.  Then we need to get her to stop plopping when she wants to sit down, she needs to go down gently (like a squat).  So the last 2 go hand in hand, and then of course we are watching her left foot as it still turns out significantly when she is taking steps.  Then after work, I get to take the kids to cub scouts, its a pack meeting night!
Tomorrow is Thursday, and it will be mad house cleaning and maybe baking after work type of day (after Willow's Occupational therapy appointment in the morning).  Then Friday seems to be the worst day of the week.  Therapy at home, followed by work, doctor appt. for Evan, followed by taking Jonathan to a boy scout over night outing, then off to Evan's choir concert, then finally home. Somewhere in there I hope to find dinner....
And of course we will finish this crazy week with Willow's 1st birthday party on Saturday!! Woohoo, my baby girl is (almost) 1.

Ahhh, the joys of motherhood.  If reading that made you exhausted I am sorry... I just really felt like sharing. ;)


Colleen said…
Reading this actually made me think how grateful I am there are women like you who are such fabulous parents and are helping our next generation become the fabulous people they will be. Parenting is hard work - I have tremendous respect for all of you who are doing it!!!

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