Another month...

Amazing how time can slip through one's fingers when all in the world seems fine and the day to day activities are all you have to keep you busy!  Of course I say that completely tongue in cheek as many of you know. :)

Well, since the last post we celebrated Halloween with a trip around the neighborhood with friends, and Willow in her stroller enjoying the walk!  She slept through most of the trick or treating fun, but that is okay, since it was kind of chilly... not too bad really, especially for a Michigan fall evening. I had her dressed up in her octopus costume, I think it was adorable, Jon not so much!

I have gone to Parent Teacher conferences for the older three children, and they are all doing excellent! I really could not ask for my children to be better students, which is truly a great gift.  The boys are both also in choir this year so we are busy with concerts that are fast approaching, as well as scouts for them both.  They sure know how to keep our family busy. :)  Evan recently slipped and fell, and cut his ear open pretty well.  He has about 6 or so stitches in it and it was not a great trip to the ER this last Monday.  They were almost going to have to sedate him for it!

Amanda does not currently have any extra activities to keep me running, so that is nice.  She has the chance to hang out with her best friend a lot!  She is growing into such a great girl; while it does come with an attitude I guess we will learn to work with it.  While growing into this girlhood of her's she is still a rough and tumble tomboy, she fractured her ankle last week jump roping... how does a girl do that you may ask? Well, if you try to jump down really hard, you can fracture your ankle! Kangaroo jumping is what she calls it! :)

Willow has now been home for 4 months! :)  She celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family yesterday.  We really do have a lot to be thankful for.  We always have with each of our children; but there is a whole new perspective put on life since we have her now.  Family is extremely important and I am really trying to remember that as time slips by so quickly.  She is now 11 months old! We are planning her birthday party which will be next week!  Already I know but thought it would be nice to do it before the holidays.

So that is our family in a nut shell.. Hopefully you will get an update with pictures from the party next week! :)


Carielle said…
Awesome update!!!! <3

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