What a Friday...

Ahhhh Friday evening we meet again.  I just wish that all my children were asleep right now at 9 pm instead of only the baby; but what can you do??  

Well, Jonathan spent the last couple of days at camp with his class, and he came home all smiles, and filled with stories (and who wouldn't?!)  Short of it all, he had a blast and did a great job at the talent show (will have to check with Jon to see if he took pictures or a video of him last night).  

Evan and Amanda are doing well in school, and still trying to navigate their way around life at home when it comes to respect and caring etc.  But I have faith that we will one day all respect each other in the way they should! LOL  Really it isn't that bad, after all I don't believe it is any worse than the things I did to my brother as a child, so I guess what goes around comes around in one way or another! :)

Willow the littlest star of the family... she had therapy today with Ken-O-Sha and today we decided to go to the school group instead of having our therapist come to our house.  Oh did she ever have a blast! :)  First of all we got to take her in her costume for a little pre-Halloween fun, and if the darn picture will upload I would love to share it with you!  Then she got to play with a toothbrush to teach oral stimulation (get your mind out of the gutter if it is already there), some of these kids have trouble eating and swallowing and working their facial muscles, so this helps them to stimulate those muscles.  Now Willow has no problem with any of those thankfully.  Then after that she got to paint with pudding!  Oh the joys of vanilla pudding... LOL  I do believe she ate more than she painted with, but hey that is just me making silly observations. None the less, she had a blast. 

After therapy, she had to go to the neuro-developmental specialist, and well she has been graduated from that office! The doctor was so impressed with how far she has come (the last time we had seen this doctor, Willow was with her 2nd shunt, so I had to fill in the last part of the hospitalization and all the milestones she has reached since then!)  The doctor said to go ahead and continue transitioning her to table foods, continue nursing as long as she wants (after all she said its the best brain food for her!!)  :)  Skip the step 3 baby foods (she feels its a ploy by the baby food company to take more of the parents money anyway. LOL)  She is growing well, has some low muscle tone, but we are working with therapies for that, and as she is sad to see her leave, is very pleased at the way she is progressing! I could not be happier.  

I have ended the day today realizing obviously how blessed I am.  I do not know what the plan for my life is or why I have 4 wonderful children.  Struggles and hardships are usually there to teach us things, and while we may not learn the lesson immediately, sometimes we are lucky to figure it out before we move on.  
I am embarking on my journey into school again, and I am really hoping that I am making the right decision.  Every time I have started school I have had a large detour in my life, and while I can say I know it won't be another child, it does not mean that something else won't get in my way.  And I kind of hope it doesn't but I am also very hesitant to be truly excited to know that I am so close to finishing my goal of getting my teaching degree.... What if I was truly not meant to be a teacher in the schools, but instead a teacher of another kind?? Well, for now, I will go to bed as it is late and Willow seems to need her mommy more tonight than normal.  


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