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Tonight's post and thoughts go out to a family we know.  I don't really know them all that well actually; I was told about the father through my friend who works with him, and decided to reach out to them.  You see this family has a little boy not much older than Willow who also has hydrocephalus.  He has been through much more than Willow has in his young life as he also has gone through open heart surgery when he was only 2 months old!  This is one tough little boy.

Well, this last week has been a roller coaster of all roller coasters for this family.  He had only been home a little over 2 weeks since his last surgery when his mom took him to the pulmonologist and was told that she could start to wean him off of his oxygen!! What great news!  I know when I read that update on facebook I was on cloud 9 for them.  Well, the next day he woke up but not really... She was supposed to take him to another appointment and instead mommy intuition had her call 911 and have an ambulance pick him up.

After a short time he was in the aeromed and transported to Helen DeVos where he is at now.  He had a clot in his shunt tube in the abdomen, and had to have a surgery for revision.  I will fast forward to today when I went to visit them...

He has not woken up yet.  He is on a ventilator and the doctors told the parents that there is nothing left for them to do medically.  Now as a mother this breaks my heart in many ways.  As a mother to a child with hydrocephalus it breaks my heart and my mind to know that something like this can happen at any given moment to these special little children.

I am sharing this story as the mother has said it was okay and also any thoughts, prayers, hopes, wishes and healing energy that can be sent to the family and little Colton is much appreciated.  He has pulled through a lot thus far, and just turned 1 on Monday.  Let's help him wake up.

Thank you friends.


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