Colton Jaymes Haus

My thoughts and prayers are with a grieving family tonight as they said their final good byes to their baby.  One year old Colton Jaymes Haus lost his battle with Hydrocephalus today.  I have not known the family for long as I have said in a previous blog, but when you share a bond of a child with a disability you become friends rather quickly.  We had many conversations on facebook together, and I was lucky enough to make it to the hospital a few times to see him.  I got the chance to see him smile, and hold his hand.  There is nothing in the world like a little baby's smile. And I have to say Colton had a great smile! 

He was very blessed to have some incredible parents as well.  They are two very strong people, who fought for Colton every day. They did not give up the first time when the doctors told them a year ago that he would not make it past the heart surgery. He did though.  He shared an incredible year with his parents and gave them many things to smile about and love.  

Here are a few pictures of his last day that he shared with his family. While it is hard to know that a little child is no longer here with his family, we all can take great solace in knowing that he is no longer in pain.  Hydrocephalus is the silent disorder that does not always show itself to be painful, but it affects so many things.  Please say a prayer or send your thoughts to this wonderfully amazing family as they make their way ahead.  Thank you to the so many of you who have kept them in your prayers and hearts already.  


Carielle said…
My heart breaks for his parents and family. But it swells with happiness knowing that during his short time on earth, he knew so much love. Many, many prayers are being said for his family.
mikaaron said…
absolutly heartbreaking. what a beautiful little boy. my son also has hydro and i pray for a cure. thoughts and love sent to the family of this beautiful brave little boy who is now one of gods angels xxxxxx

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