A beautiful day

Well I have finally uploaded all the pictures from my phone onto the computer, so I will pre-warn you all that this may be a picture happy blog post.. :)

A beautiful Michigan fall day. I could not have asked for a more beautiful sky, a warm fall sun, and a light breeze to frame the day.  We had to go collect the pies that Jonathan had sold for school, so that was the first morning task.  Then start the phone calling and delivery process of said pies.  That took us on a drive! I kind of mentally planned for this so it was not too much of a bummer. In fact it started what became an awesome day. 

We delivered pies to a couple of our friends and family, and then stopped at Culver's for an ice cream treat.  While the kids were eating their snack, I began to think about how thankful and blessed I am to have my children today.  I was then sad for Larry and Rachelle and the weekend they must be having in comparison, but it was while I was thinking of them, that I really began to think. I mean T H I N K.  I remembered seeing some absoultely wonderful pictures of their family at the lake, and reading on Facebook about a trip to Michigan's Adventure.  There were pictures of Colton at home chillin' with the family.  They were living their life every day, and I thought about how my thoughts of Willow and her hydrocephalus really kept us at home all summer. I mean aside of spending most of it in the hospital, I can say that we did not do anything of interest for fear of what or how might it affect Willow.  It was really at that moment that I realized we were not living our lives, and I learned something from Rachelle and Larry in that moment about life.  

So, instead of turning towards home from the Beltline, I drove us up to 4 mile Rd. and Robinettes!  One could see how busy it was from the Beltline, and really with a day like today who could blame everyone for being there?!  It made me think of something Amanda had said last night as we were pulling into Meijer... She told me the parking lot was full so it must be bustling inside mom.  After making sure she knew what bustling meant, and then trying to figure out where she learned bustling at a ripe old age of 6, I chuckled.  Looking at the lot today at Robinette's I would normally have changed my mind as it was just me and 4 kids.... but not today. Not on the day that I just learned what it means to live life.  We found a parking spot, commented on how bustling this place is, and found our enjoyment!  The kids of course were so excited and started shouting about the corn maze. After a quick trip through the shop and a checking out of the prices, we went to the corn maze.  I told the kids that the rules are no running (per Robinette's), and that we will take turns making the decision of what direction... Mandie, Evan and Jonathan in that order, and I will hold the map and the check point questions.  We were off! 

There are 10 checkpoints in this maze, and we made it to number 8 without any help or arguing! I was so proud of my little ones.  Number 8 was the one that got us.... we took a wrong turn at 8 and got lost for a half an hour! Not bad really, but now we were getting a bit of attitude from Amanda, Evan was getting tired, and Jonathan just wanted to be right. So, we find our selves back at number 4, ugghh.  After a brief family huddle of where I (as mom) feel we have gone wrong, and where we need to go back to, we make it back to 8, go the other way, and within minutes Jonathan has the map in his hands and is leading us out of the maze, all of us having our sanity intact!  What a great day!  Made a quick stop to the long line for cider and donuts, and back to the car with us; after all, there are still more pies to deliver! 

Because I was carrying Willow in my arms this whole time, there are no pictures of her here today. :(  But never fear my friends, I would not leave you without a smile... 

So tonight while I am horribly sad for Larry and Rachelle, I still cannot help but to believe that things happen for a reason, and that Willow was given to me for a reason, just as Colton was given and taken from Larry and Rachelle for a reason.  Obviously we cannot understand what those reasons are, but tonight I share that Colton was able to teach me something new about Life.  For that I say thank you.  


Jodi said…
What a beautiful post Donna!! Great pictures too!

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