Tomorrow is the day....

I have never been so happy as I am today that tomorrow my older three children will be in school! Don't get me wrong, I love all of my children; but I love my sanity just as much!  I think back to the days when after Jonathan was born I debated whether to home school or not.  Now if it were just him, it might be okay, but the problem with that is that he is really quite smart and because he has this know it all attitude we have a tendency to butt heads many times.  (who would have thought, I know)  Then along came Evan and once again I thought to home school him for a bit, but then he was speech delayed and I went through an entire summer where he would hit, punch, kick and scream at me, all because I could not understand what he was trying to say to me - so there went that theory!  With Mandie, I have not once thought to keep her at home!  She is all girl in attitude (not sure where she gets that from though). So, tomorrow is the first day back to school and I treasure it for a whole new meaning...Originally I was going to be finishing up my teaching degree, but then along came Willow. Now with the kids in school I can really get my house back in order and start to childproof it, for if you have not seen she is starting to pull herself along!! Eeeeekkk!  (

So aside from that, also starts the craziness of fall schedules.. Meaning cub scouts, boy scouts, girl scouts (yup Mandie has to get into as well! LOL), pta (thankfully I have stepped down as president and am now just going to be the communications coordinator - meaning I pass out the notes!!), choir, and whatever else comes along with children being in school. Yeah this should be a great year!  Along with all of that, Willow has many appointments to keep up with, and I hope I don't forget any.

Yet before all of that starts tomorrow; we have today still.  And while it is a bit chilly in comparison to what we have had, it is a perfect fall day that we are going to enjoy!  We are off to the park soon and then maybe a bbq tonight, not sure yet!!  So I hope all of my friends have had a great summer and I hope you enjoy this "last" day before school.  :)e


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