Neurologist appointment

We finally got to take Willow to the neurologist; and I say finally with tongue in cheek.  This appt. was made back in March for Aug, then changed to July, then moved to Aug. again, where I show up to be told we actually did not have an appointment. Yeah less than thrilled with the office to say the least.  But today we finally get in and actually the doctor was great!  He showed me her brain scans and explained what I was looking at, which was great because I have her scans on a disk myself, but lack the medical degree to actually understand fully what I was looking at!

So, her lateral ventricles were huge! Her third ventricle also large, while the fourth was only slightly larger than normal.  Basically her body was making its normal amount of fluid as it should, it was just having trouble draining.  Her original diagnosis of hydrocephalus ex-vacuo was completely wrong! She does not suffer from any white matter loss!  Woohoo!! Huge dance of joy!  Obviously if you have seen her you would say that we knew she had no brain matter loss, but to hear the doctor say that is wonderful to hear as well.  So, with that being said, any child with Hydrocephalus will face some delays, but due to the uncertainties with it, the delays are not all the same in the children.  But according the neurologist, unless we see something change in her, such as she begins to have seizures, or she regresses in her progress we should not have neurological issues with her!

So, I am one happy mommy after today.  Granted I was happy with my family, and with Willow regardless of what the outcome of any of these appointments were, but I have to say that I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Now on to the next challenge with Hydrocephalus.... helping to spread awareness and fund a cure!!

I am the co-director of the state chapter, and looking for a place to hold support group meetings. So if any of my friends know of a place, I would love to know!! :)


Jodi said…
Awesome news!!!
Ashley said…
Oh! Tears of joy!
Meg said…
Fabulous news about the diagnosis!

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