A few small things...

Okay, so I have realized that I am really good at posting on here when Willow is in the hospital and things are not always going so well; but not necessarily great at posting the wonderful small things that have been happening since we have been home!  So here is a list of things/accomplishments that Willow is working on:

sitting on her own (she can for about 20 seconds and then falls down)
army crawling (she looks odd as she only uses her left side to go, but she is getting there)
standing while being held (you hold her at her belly or her arms and she will stand up)
she rolls everywhere now! That is her main form of transportation lately
She is eating Gerber puffs and the yogurt melts
She laughs at her siblings
She sat in the grocery shopping cart for the first time!

I think that sums it up for now.

We have been going to PT/OT for a bit now, and that seems to be doing really well!  The fact that she is sitting on her own shows me that it is working.  I do have to say to see her doing things that I know other kids do without a second thought, is truly amazing.  And I am sorry that I have not shared that with you as much as I share the hard times.  You all deserve to share in her accomplishments.  So tomorrow, my goal is to post a few pictures here or a video or both, of her doing some of these things so that you may also share in the excitement as she is getting older!

In two days (and I say this while holding my breath) we will be out of the hospital for 2 months!  I really feel that we are on that stretch of good road ahead, but I do also stay back a bit knowing that a tiny little setback can indeed rear its ugly head.

In life, outside of Willow, we have Mandie's 6th birthday coming up in 3 weeks, then of course Halloween, Thanksgiving, Willow's 1st birthday and Christmas!  Oh my word!

So those are a few of the small things that have been taken place, I promise to share more of them, more often!  :)


Jodi said…
Go Willow!! Its kinda scary knowing the holiday's are sneaking up on us!! We need another get together soon!

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